Early rendering of Brough Brothers Distillery, which hopes to open in July. | Courtesy Brough Brothers Distillery

A micro-distillery eyes a July opening in west Louisville, with a bourbon product to be unveiled later this spring.

Brough Brothers Distillery is working with the city to open small distillery with 25-gallon stills, plus bottling, packaging and labeling on site, along with a barrel room. The distillery, which is slated for a roughly 2,200-square-feet structure at 1460 Dixie Highway, will focus primarily on production but will have a 326-square-foot tasting room.

According to a rezoning application filed with the city, the micro-distillery would employ two people full-time and two-part time.

The micro-distillery will be part of Victory Global LLC, and managing director Victor Yarbrough said the distillery will focus mostly on vodka and gin, along with a “tad bit of bourbon,” which will be aged on site.

| Courtesy Brough Brothers Distillery

However, he said, the main bourbon line, Brough Brothers Bourbon, is sourced from another Kentucky distillery which he declined to name. While the bourbon will be introduced this spring, he said he and his colleagues are still looking into distribution partners. Label design was nearly finished, he said.

The early rollout of the product will be more event-driven, so as to introduce the brand, followed by placement in bars and retail.

However, he said, Victory Global is a United Kingdom-based import and export company, so much of the Brough Brothers products will be exported. He did say there would be allotments for local sale, however.

Long-term plans included possibly expanding the footprint, either by expanding the original location or opening a second location, be it a larger tasting room or a larger manufacturing facility.

Asked about the price point, he said, “We want it to come out around $22 to $24,” but adds that could change depending on the distributor.

Yarbrough, a Louisville native, said he chose the West End location because he had identified it as a likely area for revitalization, given its proximity to the 18th Street corridor.

“It’s a way for us to give back to the community and impact future generations,” he said.