Kentucky Board of Education

The Kentucky Board of Education meets in late August 2018. | Photo by Olivia Krauth

This year’s Kentucky Board of Education retreat is slated to include speakers with ties to charter school operators and religious nonprofits.

Last year, the annual August board retreat consisted primarily of state-mandated training. Since there are no new members this year, training is not required, according to education department spokeswoman Jessica Fletcher. Instead, the retreat on Aug. 6 will include board-picked speakers who “align with the board’s efforts to increase student success and close the achievement gap.”

Those speakers include Michele Caracappa, a former executive with Success Academy Charter Schools, and representatives from By The Hand, a Chicago-based nonprofit after-school program that encourages website visitors to pray for their students. Representatives from TNTP, which stands for The New Teacher Project, are also scheduled to speak.

“The board selected the speakers based on their demonstrated success in closing achievement gaps in different settings,” Fletcher said in an email when asked how the line-up was selected.

The board, which governs all public schools in the state, will also hear from Owen County school officials on their work to close the district’s achievement gap. Dewey Hensley, a former Jefferson County Public Schools official, will talk about Louisville’s J. B. Atkinson Academy. Stephanie Fritz, who previously taught in New York and Tennessee and now lives in Kentucky, will also speak.

KBE will meet at the Berry Mansion in Frankfort for the daylong schedule. No business will be conducted. It is a public meeting.

The board will meet again on Aug. 7 for a business meeting at the Kentucky Department of Education in Frankfort.

During the business meeting, the board is expected to name a chair and vice chair, hear an update from JCPS Superintendent Marty Pollio and learn about additional budget requests for 2020-2022.

An older version this story incorrectly said Atkinson Academy is in Frankfort. It is in Louisville.