Hectare's products

Hectare’s has two “Tune Up” flavors and two “Tone Down” flavors. | Courtesy of Hectare’s CBD Innovations

Louisvillian Jeff Stum has been in the beverage industry for quite some time, having worked for Brown-Forman and later helping develop Rooibee Red Tea and Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey. He has since parted ways amicably with both of those brands and is once again launching a new venture — Hectare’s CBD Innovations.

The first products to hit the market later this month are nonalcoholic, 2.5-ounce drinks that come in four flavors, two of which include caffeine for a boost of energy, and two of which have melatonin aimed to help you calm down after a long day. The two “Tune Up” products are cold brew and citrus berry, while the “Tone Down” ones are hibiscus and chamomile.

And the most important ingredient in all four is the Kentucky-grown CBD, which is a naturally occurring compound derived from agricultural hemp and believed to have many health benefits from stress relief to muscle relaxation. Each drink has about 34 milligrams of pure CBD that is obviously THC-free. (THC is the mind-altering ingredient found in the cannabis plant and is still illegal in Kentucky.)

Jeff Stum

Jeff Stum | Courtesy

The “Tune Up” flavors contain 80-90 grams of caffeine, which is equivalent to an 8-ounce cup of coffee, and the “Tone Down” products have 3 grams of melatonin, a natural supplement often used to help people fall asleep.

The name “Hectare’s” has two meanings for Stum. It represents the persona of the farmer who cultivates the land, and it also is the name for a parcel of land.

“What is great about this brand is that it is a seed-to-shelf product that is grown, processed, flavored and bottled right here in the state of Kentucky,” Stum said in a news release. “We know our farmers and have a great relationship with our processor — Botanical Processing — who is truly doing cutting-edge work regarding the purity of CBD oil and isolate.”

Stum, along with managing partner Bart Miller, kept hearing three issues people were having with traditional CBD oil tinctures: 1) They were awkward to use, usually dispensed with a dropper from the bottle. 2) They were difficult to properly proportion. 3) They tasted bad.

So the two and their team set out to develop a more enjoyable way to ingest CBD while also providing an added benefit to either help you wind up or wind down.

“At Hectare’s, we have solved these issues by creating a daily ‘CBD wellness shot’ that is flavorful, familiar and functional,” said Miller.

The Hectare’s products will be bottled the week of Aug. 19 and then should start appearing in stores like Rainbow Blossom soon after that. The suggested retail price for each 2.5-ounce drink is $4.99.

“Louisville is a perfect place to innovate with a beverage as a primary delivery device of CBD,”  added Stum. “All of the resources are right here”