Rabbit Hole announces new plans for its bar and restaurant. | Courtesy of Rabbit Hole Distilling

Anticipation continues to seep from Rabbit Hole Distilling.

All eyes are on the NuLu bourbon and spirits distillery as construction is well underway, and news continues to get juicer and more interesting as it approaches its opening date — which is slated to be about a year from now.

Local bourbon expert and author Fred Minnick reported Tuesday that the Rabbit Hole team had partnered with Proprietors LLC, the company behind the trendy Death & Co. bar in New York City, to help create the concept for its onsite restaurant and bar.

The $1.5 million concept is in addition to the $12.5 million state-of-the-art distillery that will be located between Market and Jefferson streets and actually connect the two with a public walkway.

When Insider talked with Rabbit Hole founder Kaveh Zamanian shortly before the official groundbreaking ceremony in October, he said he wanted his brand to become synonymous with innovation.

“We want to put out products, but more importantly, I want consumers to associate Rabbit Hole with what it really represents, which is adventure, being whimsical, playful, not necessarily taking ourselves too seriously, and being able to go down the rabbit hole and enjoy the process,” he said.

New York City cocktail bar Death & Co. even has its own recipe book.

By teaming up with Death & Co., essentially a cocktail institution in Manhattan’s East Village, it does show that Zamanian and his team are dedicated to quality crafted drinks and channeling the vibe and culture that comes along with that.

The bar is so lauded among bartenders near and far, it even has its own recipe book featuring more than 500 cocktails.

We’ve reached out to Rabbit Hole for more details, and they’re in the process of sending out a press release.

This story will be updated.