Revelry Boutique Gallery will open a second location inside the Logan Street Market. | Courtesy of Revelry

As the Revelry Boutique Gallery approaches its ninth birthday, it is now set to expand to a second location, the owner told Insider on Tuesday.

“I am very excited to celebrate nine years of Revelry,” said owner Mo McKnight Howe in an email. “It’s been really humbling to become a grownup along with my business. My 20s were spent sacrificing and hustling to get my business to the great place it is in now. All the while, I was watching our artists and Louisville’s art scene flourish around us. We have evolved and grown together as an arts community, and I hope Revelry played even the smallest part in supporting that growth.”

Howe also said her second location will be opening at the Logan Street Market at the end of the month, calling it a “small but mighty step for Revelry.”

Mo McKnight Howe

Mo McKnight Howe

“Next steps after Logan Street? I want to continue to build that bridge between Louisville artists and larger cities,” Howe said. “I have some ideas on how we can do this in the works, but nothing solidified yet.”

While Howe is excited to open a second location, the current location in NuLu will still be in for a 9th birthday celebration. Revelry will showcase the works of Louisville artist Julio Cesar starting Saturday, Aug. 17, and his opening night will feature a celebratory toast.

The work in Cesar’s exhibition, titled “Epic Journey,” is the result of his interactions with ambiguous faces he sees as he paints, according to a news release. This show will be an interpretation of his most intimate and spiritual spaces.

“I am dedicated to giving life to blank canvases waiting to breathe,” said Cesar in the news release. “In each brushstroke or touch of color, I write an imaginary script as each impression emerges spontaneously. Every piece is an immersive experience in my own creative theater, as my paintings grow from the simple to the wonderful. And so I continue my epic journey … awake in time, holding that illuminated sky that covers me with daydreams.”

Art by Julio Cesar

Art by Julio Cesar | Courtesy

Cesar’s opening on Saturday, Aug. 17, will take place from 7 to 10 p.m., with the celebratory toast at 9 p.m. The show will be on display through Sept. 11. Revelry Boutique Gallery is located at 742 E. Market St.