Kentucky State Fair

Courtesy of Kentucky State Fair

Louisville is preparing for the Kentucky State Fair later this month, and the hiring process for it is about to begin.

State fair officials said hiring will begin on Monday. Employees will be hired for the admission gates, operations and maintenance, grounds keeping, housekeeping and more, according to a news release. Indoor and outdoor work is available for morning, day, evening and overnight shifts.

There are hundreds of positions available for the state fair, Ian Cox from Kentucky Venues told Insider.

In addition to jobs added, the fair is also expected to bring in a large number of visitors from around Kentucky. Last year’s fair had 614,470 visitors, which was the second-best year of attendance since 2009, Cox said. On average, the fair attracts around 600,000 guests, according to its website.

“Every year we look forward to hosting visitors from all counties of Kentucky,” said Cox. “This is where Kentucky comes together.”

Those attending the fair will be treated to some 48 food vendors. These vendors are expected to be more locally sourced, and there will be additional vendors who have been on television on series like “Carnival Eats” and “Guy Fieri’s Diners and Drive-ins.”

There also will be merchandisers, but Cox said that they had not yet finalized the details for those vendors.

Between the hiring of these positions and the draw of visitors from around the state, Louisville Tourism estimates the fair will generate about $15.3 million in economic impact.

Pay starts at $9 per hour, and those interested can apply online or in person. Those applying in person can go to the employment office at Gate 4 at 2801 Crittenden Drive.

The fair will run from Aug. 15-25 this year.