JCPS Board of Education

The JCPS Board of Education holds its June 25 meeting to discuss tax hikes. | Photo by Jeremy Chisenhall

A vacant spot on the Jefferson County Board of Education pulled in over a dozen applications, according to the district.

The 13 applications vying for a spot representing southwest Louisville on the school board will now be reviewed to ensure they meet minimum qualifications, district spokesman Daniel Kemp said. After that, the remaining school board members will interview and eventually select the next board member.

Interviews and discussions about candidates are allowed to happen in closed meetings, but the final selection is required to happen in public, per state law. Board members have until Sept. 14 to fill the spot.

Former school board member Ben Gies resigned from the board in July to work at Kentucky Youth Advocates as a policy principal.

Gies’ resignation will be the first in Kentucky to test new state law that moved the power to fill school board vacancies to the remaining members of the board. The education commissioner used to name successors.

Under that law, the new board member will also be listed on the ballot in November since there is more than a year left in the term. The District 4 seat, along with two others, are up for election in November 2020.